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建设 机械

Kubota's construction machinery, including mini excavators, 装载机, and compact track loaders, have gained high reputation in Europe, 北美, 日本, and other Asian countries. Kubota mini excavators in particular are renowned for their advanced features and amenities. They are winning the largest market share in the world (Off-Highway Research, 2013). They also meet European safety standards, which are considered the most rigorous standards in the world.
Kubota strives to build an optimal framework for global production that swiftly responds to changing demands. We are also expanding our business in the material handling industry, recently releasing Kubota CTL and SSL and responding to broad customer needs.

  • Product availability and specifications may vary by country or region. For more information, please contact the nearest Kubota from 全球网络.
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  • 高耐用性

    With 40 years of expertise manufacturing the mini excavator, we design the products paying attention to every detail so as to prevent damage and destruction. Thus, Kubota established a reputation for high durability from customers around the world.

  • Superior Performance

    Kubota's mini excavators have the power and versatility to take on almost any kind of task, even in the toughest environment. Combining improved digging and lifting power with smooth drivability, they will get the work done appropriately.

  • 简单的维护

    Kubota has made routine maintenance extremely simple. The engine and other major components can be inspected quickly and easily.


Introducing the 迷你挖掘机 (8t and under), CTL, SSL and WL: We Respond to Each Country's Needs

  • 迷你挖掘机

  • 8吨的挖掘机

  • Compact Track Loader

  • 打滑驾驶装载机

  • 轮式装载机


  • Powerful Kubota Engine

    Powerful and reliable, the clean-running Kubota engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration levels as well as exceptional fuel efficiency.

  • 防盗系统

    Only "programmed keys" can start the engine. Even if keys are identically shaped, they can't start the engine unless they are programmed. 事实上, if someone attempts to start the engine with an un-programmed key, it will activate the system's alarm. The alarm will continue to sound until the programmed key is inserted into the ignition and starts the engine.

  • Auto Idling System

    Save fuel with Kubota's Auto Idle. It automatically reduces engine RPM, when high engine speed is not required. When the control levers are in neutral for more than four seconds, the engine RPM idles. If you move any control lever, the engine RPM immediately returns. This innovative feature reduces noise and emissions, while lowering operating cost.

  • 生态+

    Kubota's unique 生态+ feature prioritizes fuel economy and supports the environment. You can activate ‘Eco Mode’ with the flick of a switch for fuel savings over the ‘Standard Mode.’


Kubota's construction equipment in various settings.

  • 建筑工地

  • 建筑工地

  • 园艺

  • 林业

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